Cornucopia Rethinks Popcorn With Bizarre and Delicious Flavors

The phrase fresh twist definitely applies here. When I opened my box of samples, I was surprised to find flavors like Dill Pickle, Cheesy Caramel, Pina Colada and Chile Lime. While I never could wrap my mind around Dill Pickle, I loved all the other options! My sweet tooth naturally pushed me toward flavors like Butter Pecan (my favorite), but I also got a kick out of the more creative choices. The creativity definitely comes from the top down. When I asked Elhaj about her favorite popcorn flavor, she told me, "My favorite popcorn flavor changes on the daily! Today it's Honey Mustard! But I also love S'mores, Dill Pickle and Sweet & Smokey Barbecue." Read more here

Voted Best Sampling Room in Austin, TX 2015

We are honored to announce that we were voted Bast Sampling Room in the Austin Chronicle for 2015! Thank you very much for your support Austin, Texas!

Vegan Food Addict visits Cornucopia Popcorn

Meagen with Vegan Food Addict visited our store, along with several other Vegan Austin great! We're honored to be a part of her tour of Keeping Austin Weird! "Before visiting a new city I sign up for daily deal alerts so that I can save some money while on vacation. Luckily for me, Cornucopia Popcorn Creations had a deal so I couldn't help but to indulge. This creative place offers 40+ flavors of popcorn (10+ are vegan). After trying nearly every vegan flavor available, I finally decided on caramel (which I was told is now vegan), cinnamon toast, garlic & herb, lemon poppyseed, and veggie green corn. Cornucopia is making popcorn right, and I love that they have so many flavors!"

Cornucopia Popcorn in Red Hot Vegans Top 20 Austin Favorites

Marie and Daniel of Red Hot Vegans came by and did a wonderful review of our large selection of Vegan popcorn flavors. "If you're like me, and think that popcorn should be its own food group, Cornucopia Popcorn Creations is the place for you. With a large rotating selection of popcorn flavors, many of which are vegan, Cornucopia will satisfy all of your popcorn cravings, be they salty, sweet, or savory. You can buy your choice of popcorn flavor by the bagful, with sizes ranging from the tiny "Kids" bag holding a couple fistfuls of corn, to the ginormous 5-gallon "Party" bag, but our favorite way to take home the crunchy goodness is in a tin. Feeling nostalgic for the classic holiday popcorn tins of your childhood, filled with multiple flavors separated by a high-tech cardboard partition? Cornucopia will let you mix and match up to 4 flavors in a tin to recreate that experience. When you're done, come back and refill your empty tin as often as you like, and get a 50% discount on every refill, forever. If you're having trouble deciding what flavors you want to fill your tin with, take your time, and enjoy some free samples to help you make up your mind. With familiar flavors like Kettle Corn and Garlic & Herb, and unique creations like Veggie Green Corn, Cinnamon Toast, and Madras Curry, it might take you a while before you get a chance to taste them all and decide which is your favorite." Read more on their website.

FoodCrafters at Cornucopia Popcorn

Cooking Channel's Host of FoodCrafters, Aida Mollenkamp, is on a mission: to discover and celebrate the absolute masters in independent food production around the USA. Located deep in the heart of Texas is a delightful, gourmet popcorn shop: Cornucopia. Known for its 30+ unique flavors and wonderful service, Cornucopia, provides quality popcorn for all its customers. FoodCrafters presents an excerpt of who we are and what we do.

365 Things to do in Austin

It is time for me to blog on a fantastic food stop in the Capital City, Cornucopia. This is something random and different, not your everyday restaurant. This is popcorn at its finest, and frankly it should be in a category of its own. This place could make people that don’t like popcorn learn to love it. It’s that good. Read the full review.

Visit Austin

Rooted in the capital city of Texas, Austin’s own Cornucopia Popcorn is cooking over 30 fun and delicious popcorn flavors daily. Sample your favorites and leave with a popcorn tin, snack bag, or one of many gift options. Specializing in unique and tasty personal snacks and gifts, Cornucopia adds that custom touch to events such as weddings, work events and even the classic movie night. Read the full listing.