Cheddar Cheese

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Everything’s better with Cheddar they say, and popcorn is no exception. Make sure you get enough of this classic because once you start snacking, it’'s hard to hide the evidence. Made with real cheddar cheese, this one is guaranteed to turn your fingertips orange!

Organic Non-GMO Popcorn,Cheddar Cheese (Palm oil, dehydrated cheese [milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes, artificial color], canola oil, coconut oil, cream, salt, sodium phosphate, Yellow #5, lactic acid, Yellow #6), Liquid Butter alternative (Liquid & Hydrogenated soybean oil, salt, soy lecithin, natural & artificial flavor, beta carotene [for color], TBHQ and citric acid [to protect flavor], dimethylpolysiloxane [anti-foaming agent]) Coconut Oil, Sea Salt

Contains Dairy, Soy

Nutrition Facts:Serving Size: 1 Cup, Amount Per Serving: Calories 70.8, Total Fat 6.7 g, Saturated Fat 2.5 g, Polyunsaturated Fat 2.0 g, Monounsaturated Fat 2.2 g, Cholesterol 9.6 mg, Sodium 163.8 mg, Potassium 10.0 mg, Total Carbohydrate 5 g, Dietary Fiber 0.0 g, Sugars 0.1 g, Protein 2.3 g, Vitamin A (4.6 %), Vitamin C (0.0 %), Calcium (6.5 %), Iron (0.4 %) *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

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