DIY Treats for Easter Weekend – With 20% OFF!

DIY Treats for Easter Weekend – With 20% OFF!

Mar 28th 2017

Happy Easter, bunnies! We know y’all are just hopping for some Easter treats, and the kids probably are, too. Our Spring flavors have already begun to bloom at our shop, and they could possibly be our fave Seasonal Selections! There’s the savory & sweet Wild Onion, colorful Spring Cornfetti, fruity Blueberry Morning, and the ever popular Honey Lavender. With so many flavors to choose from, we wanted to give you popcorn fans a few DIY ideas along with an extra little treat for Easter weekend!

From now through Easter, Use code SPRING20 for 20% off Easter preorders. Happy hopping!

Easter Bunny Treat Cups

Bunny cups? It doesn’t get much cuter than this. The cooking is easy – throw your favorite spring flavor in there, like Easter Cornfetti Popcorn or Blueberry Morning Popcorn, and you’re golden. The kids will have a blast crafting the bunny parts, and we would even suggest having a little fun drawing bunny faces on the front. Or, get crazy and try your hand at a self portrait. Bunnify yourself!

Mini Edible Easter Baskets

Anything with a waffle cone involved, and we’re sold. Everything in these adorable baskets is edible – and delicious. We’re thankful to Keri over at Shaken Together for showing us the way on these little guys, and for inventing the aforementioned bunny treat cups. While we’d personally swap out those mini eggs for popcorn, there’s plenty of room for creativity with these baskets, despite their tiny-ness. Have fun!

Brown Paper Bag Bunnies

Snip, crumple, and serve. These bunny butts are possibly the easiest DIY Easter craft, and they have lots of room for play. Kids can decorate their own bunnies, use colored paper to give the bunny ears a pink interior, or try their hands again at drawing bunny faces. Let the creative juices flow, fill these cuties up, and voila! Easter in a bag.

Popcorn Carrot

Seems like these crafts are only getting easier, right? If you left Easter planning until the day of, have no fear. Grab some disposable decorating bags, throw in some of our Cheddar Cheese Popcorn (or Cheddar Habanero Popcorn for the more adventurous and Sriracha Popcorn for the adventurous vegan), tie it up with green ribbon, and you’ve got a carrot! For some more extensive carrot tops, check out this DIY guide.

And, of course, who said carrots had to be orange? Fill these guys up with any of our Spring Seasonal flavors, such as our whimsical Spring Cornfetti, and you’ll be a hit!

As an added plus, you could even add some popcorn to your Easter hunt eggs! Don’t forget to leave some out for the Easter bunny to snack on!